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I’m fond of making paper bags out of old magazines and brochures. It serves as my past time and therapy whenever I’m not doing anything productive. I mostly use it as a substitute for envelopes for the employee’s salary.


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Flu vaccine is now available. My eldest son (he’s 5 yrs. old) got his shot last Friday and it cost me P1,000. But adults should get this shot, too.

According to some article, the flu shot will not fully protect you from flu viruses circulating right now. But it will protect you against the half that is included in the flu shot.

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I’m back! For now. I’ve been very busy… with house chores!!! It’s tiring but I am enjoying it. I do the dishes, the cleaning, watering the plants, and sometimes the laundry. Cooking is not included because I don’t know how to cook. But I’m learning!

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I’m glad that my son’s condition was not really serious. His pedia ordered to have his stool examined for three more times to determine if he has amoeba. Fortunately, all results turned out negative. Urine analysis and CBC were also performed.

His pedia recommended to give him hidrasec 3 times a day until his stools are formed. We also give him ORS so that he will not be dehydrated.

Whenever my child is experiencing something, I immediately surf the net and visit kidshealth.org. They have so many information available on different health issues and problems.

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I ate rice again!!! After only 3 days of eating rice, I gained back the 5 pounds I lost of not eating it for more than a month. It’s really a torture going through this again. My clothes are tighter and my stomach is bigger. Where is my discipline?? I thought I was really going to lose the extra pounds since we don’t have a housemaid anymore. Me and my hubby are doing the chores ourselves like the cooking, washing the dishes, watering the plants and many others. But why is that my eating pattern changes also? Maybe because I need the extra energy to do the chores that is why my body needs the extra food. WHATEVER!!! I still want to lose weight. Help! I’m really desperate. Maybe I should try reduce fat fast again. Maybe I should buy 4 months supply so that I will really lose 25 pounds. Body slender is helpful but I don’t bring it with me when we go to other places that is why I was not able to use it for how many days.

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It’s my 27th birthday and I don’t have a plan for a major celebration. We just spent our entire day mall hopping. And guess what? After more than 1 month of not eating rice, I had 1 serving at lunch and 2 servings at dinner!! But only for today. Since it’s my birthday, I treated rice as my cake instead of buying a real one. Hahaha!!! I also visited our local church and lighted some candles to thank God for giving me another year.

And for those people who remembered my birthday (you know who you are), thank you very much. I really felt appreciated because of your greetings. And for those who forgot, God Bless You!! Joke!!!

My wish? GOOD HEALTH, PEACE OF MIND, and PROTECTION for me and my loved ones. And of course, may God’s blessings continue to shower us each and every day.

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I got a text message from my friend KILAY and it goes like this:

EXAMPLE: 24 H in a D
ANSWER: 24 Hours in a Day


1. 7 D in a W
2. 12 M in a Y
3. 2 W of a B
4. 9 L of a C
5. 3 H of a C
6. 7 D S
7. 9 M of P
8. 8 T of an O
9. 7 C of the W
10. 10 Y in a D
11. 28 D in a F W
12. 6 S of a H
13. 10 C in a M
14. 7 W of the W
15. 5 F in a F
16. 366 D in a L Y
17. 7 C of the R
18. 60 S in a M
19. 26 L of the A
20. 4 C of a S

You’re a GENIUS if you got 17 correct answers.

Here are my answers:

1. 7 D in a W = 7 Days in a Week
2. 12 M in a Y = 12 Months in a Year
3. 2 W of a B = 2 Wheels of a Bike?
4. 9 L of a C = 9 Lives of a Cat
5. 3 H of a C
6. 7 D S = 7 Deadly Sins
7. 9 M of P = 9 Months of Pregnancy
8. 8 T of an O = 8 Tentacles of an Octopus
9. 7 C of the W
10. 10 Y in a D = 10 Years in a Decade
11. 28 D in a F W
12. 6 S of a H
13. 10 C in a M = 10 Centuries in a Millennium
14. 7 W of the W = 7 Wonders of the World
15. 5 F in a F
16. 366 D in a L Y = 366 Days in a Leap Year
17. 7 C of the R
18. 60 S in a M = 60 Seconds in a Minute
19. 26 L of the A = 26 Letters of the Alphabet (by MAU ABELLA)
20. 4 C of a S

Kindly help me complete all the 20 phrases. If you know the answer, post it on the comments portion. Thank you!

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