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My son was not accepted to this certain school in Davao because he cannot read. He was supposed to be in kinder 2 this coming school year. So we suggested that if he is not qualified to be in kinder 2, we are willing to admit him as kinder 1. Besides, he was already scheduled to have a reading tutorial this coming May to help him cope up. But they really won’t accept my child! I’m really pissed. As if my child is a really bad case. He is not that bad. He is just lazy! I guess they are really not that committed and patient in teaching kids that is why they are afraid to admit my son. They want an easy way. Well, we just want him to be enrolled in that particular school because his cousin will be studying there also. It was really not our first choice.

I’m really pissed. REALLLLYYY REALLLLYYY PISSED. This is discrimination. My child is very innocent but he already experience rejection. This is not good for his morale. My son is intelligent. Time will come that he will be a much better individual compared to the students in that school. Itaga niyo yan sa bato!!!


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My eldest son is 5 years old and he still cannot read even a one syllable word like cat, dog, or ball. I feel like I failed as a mother for not tutoring him. I really can’t blame his teacher because it is also my fault why he cannot do so. In fairness to my son, he is good with numbers.

Whenever he is at home, he only watches tv. He even knows the schedule of every show on cartoon network! There are times that I implement strict rules about tv time but it will not be followed because he will transfer to his grandmas room to watch cartoons. He is a grandma’s boy.

We transferred him to a new school and the teacher was hesitant to accept him because of this problem for he might be left behind. Most of the kids his age already knows how to read. That is why we decided to enroll him in a summer class wherein he will be taught how to read to prepare him this coming school year.

I hope there will be an improvement.

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I was curious about the news of an Australian guy’s blog and this Gucci Gang. Then the other night, I saw the interview of the Montano family addressing the allegations on the blog. Here’s a link to Brian Gorrell’s blog . Don’t judge. Just read.

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I love observing my children when they interact with other people. They may not always display good behaviors, but I make sure they are corrected afterwards. I want them to take other people’s feelings into consideration. We live in an interdependent environment and it is better if we know how to teach our kids to realize that as early as possible. What they do affects other people one way or another, directly or indirectly.

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I’m back again. From Camiguin Island. Our trip was not really planned. It was spontaneous. My hubby just wanted to test drive his car for a long travel and we ended up in another island!

We stayed at Bahay Bakasyunan the first night because Paras was fully booked. Our two sons had the time of their life. They enjoined enjoyed swimming. The following day, before leaving bahay bakasyunan, we called Paras to check if they already have available rooms. Lucky enough, their Family Suite is available after 12 noon.

We spent most of our 2nd day visiting various places for picture taking. We visited ardent hot spring, Katibawasan falls, the Walkway (we didn’t finish the 15 stations. Hanggang 8th station lang kami), the sunken cemetery, and the old church. Then we had lunch at Sto. NiƱo Cold Spring. After their, we visited soda swimming pool. Our children was so tired traveling already so we checked in at Paras Beach Resort mid afternoon. Then we decided to visit their famous white island!

For our final trip, we dropped by at J & A Fishpen before proceeding to Benoni Port.

That was our first trip to Camiguin and I felt like I knew the place already. You will never feel lost even if it’s your first time because the people are very friendly. You can ask directions from anybody on the street. I will definitely be back exploring the island once again. I will try para-sailing and scuba diving!

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My son’s yaya went home to have her tooth extracted. She will be gone for two days. I’m left with my 2 boys, 5 yrs. old and 1 year 11 month old. The 5 year old can be left unattended because he is glued to the tv. But my 1 year old son is very hyperactive. He touch anything he get his eyes on. He climbs chairs and bed. He always run around. Sometimes, he eat things he picked up on the floor! That is why I really admire the mothers who chose to stay at home and take care of their children. It takes a lot of patience to do so.

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