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I’ve been thinking a lot about working abroad lately. Kahit nung nasa high school pa ako, I really wanted to work out of the country. I always feel that it will give me the kind of financial security I am looking for. Especially now that I have children and helping my mom at the same time. But I am having second thoughts. I don’t want to leave my children. I don’t want them to grow up without me by their side. But I really have to make a sacrifice. And I really have to choose. ABROAD or FAMILY.

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My daughter is so happy everytime she sees her reflection on mirrors, glass or any other items wherein she can see herself. She can’t help it. She automatically jump, shout, and smile when you put her in front of a mirror even when she is whining.

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My son was accepted as Kinder 2 in another school. He first took some exams and they assessed him afterwards. They said that my child is good with numbers but he has some difficulty in identifying capital and small letters. Now that’s the proper way of screening a child. That school would really regret the way they treated my child.

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