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I went to teptep’s school program this afternoon because it is their BUWAN NG WIKA.  He wore a camisa de china and black pants with a red scarf.  He looked like a grown man.  Actually, I was supposed to leave town today because of work but I decided not.  This program is just once in a lifetime.  I also want to show to my children that they matter to me and that I support them in every activity they have.  Last week, we got our son’s report card.  I was impressed because he had good grades.  I don’t expect him to be a genius.  All I want for him is to learn how to count, write, and read.  Because from those basic skills, the rest will be easier.


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It’s my son’s 6th birthday today and I had a chance to have a chat with Venice.  We used to go out a lot before I was married.  We had Sabado nights together with our then BF (now husbands).  We go bar hopping and talk about boys back then.  But now, we talked about kids and managing the household since we’re both married and mothers.  We talked about our labor experiences and the joys and pains of having children.  It’s really nice to talk to old friends.  I was not able to have a long chat with one for a very long time.  I miss my friends.

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We just had our closing ceremony this morning for the 2 day intensive training on beekeeping at UP Mindanao Interactive Learning Center, Mintal, Tugbok District, Davao City.  The seminar was made possible by Mr. Vicente T. Lao, chairman of the Mindanao Business Council and Regional Development Council in cooperation with UP Mindanao and UP Los Banos.

Mr. Lao came up with this idea because he noticed that although Davao City is progressing, the people living in the city is becoming poorer.  So he is organizing this seminar to teach people on how to keep bees and earn from it.  His enthusiasm for this project is very contagious and I am very honored that I am part of it.  We are the first group in Davao City to be given this training and this will continue hanggang sa merong gustong matuto.  We will be caring for bees ourselves in order to teach what we learn in the next group of participants.  This is going to be a big industry because Mindanao is the haven for bees.  We have no typhoon, pollens are abundant and there are a lot of nectar sources.  There is a big market demand for honey and other bee products but there is not enough supply.

But before we can teach other people about beekeeping, we are going to care for bees ourselves.  I can’t wait to have my very first bee hive and begin my journey as a beekeeper.  We will be taking care of apis mellifera (honeybees) and trigona biroi (stingless bees).  Do you know that trigina biroi (stingless bees) is a vey effective pollinator of mangoes?  It can increase your fruit set by 98%.  I know it will take time to master the skills and the proper management in handling bees but I am willing to learn.  I am very interested in beekeeping after attending the seminar.  I have more respect for them and their role in our environment now.

Here are some new facts I learned about bees:

–  bees are color blind

–  queen bees are the only fertile female bee in a colony

–  workers are the sterile female bee.  forager are the worker bees that gather food and nectar.  nurse bees are the young bees that cannot fly so they take care of the queen and clean the nest

–  drones are the male bees and they are only produce when needed.  the drones die after mating

–  bees hate smoke

–  honeys are classified according to their sources.  we have coconut honey, pineapple honey, mango honey, sunflower honey and a lot more

–  bees perform 2 dance moves to communicate how far their food source is

–  bees attack only when provoke

If you are also interested, please let me know.

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I was so tired yesterday after the BEEKEEPING TRAINING I attended at UP Mindanao in Mintal. But I was also grateful that I had the seminar because I learned a whole lot of information about bees. They are not just flying creatures who stings! They help pollinate plants aside from providing us honey which has a lot of health benefits. Today, we are going to be on the field to actually see bees in action. I’m kinda excited and scared because I really don’t know what to expect. But they say bees don’t sting unless provoke. I just hope I will not get one today. Got to go!

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I went to SM Supermarket (Davao) this morning to buy some things for my children.  Then I bought a tempra for my daughter at Watsons just in front of the supermarket.  It was about 11 am and there are only 2 attendants in the store.  People are piling up.  I was really annoyed because why on earth are they putting only 2 clerks when there are a lot of people buying something?  I really grew impatient.  If I only have the money, I will put a up a new pharmacy inside SM because watsons sucks and they don’t even have a wide inventory of medicines.

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…the mouse will play.

This is what happens everytime we leave our work behind to attend other things.  Just a couple of hours ago, my husband got a call from our company guard that one of our employee stabbed a coworker on the neck.  Upon further investigation, we found out that they were in a drinking spree during working hours and got into a fight that resulted to the stabbing.  So we give instructions to send the victim to the nearest hospital for medical assistance.  He was lucky because it was a shallow wound.  The suspect, on the other hand, ran away after the incident.  So we contacted local barangay tanods for a search operation.  We also called our local PNP station for further assistance.  The suspect was apprehended in his relatives house near the area.  He denied everything but there are many witnesses that pinpointed him to be the one who stabbed the poor man.  The barangay captain suggested to have the suspect in his custody for tonight so that they can ask further questions tomorrow when the suspect is already sober.    As for the victim, he is also drank so they still have to wait til tomorrow if he will file a case against the suspect.  The knife was nowhere to be found.

My conclusion, it is really important to get in involved with your local barangays because they can help you in emergency situation.  Practice public relation.  Moreover, don’t trust anybody especially when you are drank.  It is better to drink alone than die!

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I started wearing glasses when I was in second year high school.  My grade was 25 on both eyes.  Actually, my sight is already poor before that but it was the only time my mom can afford to buy me an eyeglass.  I also wanted to wear one because I though it look cute and nerdy.  As time passes, my eye grade increases.  It became 50, 100. 150, 200, 350 and now 400.  I tried contact lenses before with different colors but they always irritate my eyes and I find it so inconvenient to put it on every morning then take it out before going to bed at night.  Moreover, because of increasing eye grades, I change eyeglasses every year.  My sister told me to practice not wearing eyeglasses because they made me look older.  She also used to wear eyeglasses when she was still in elementary but she don’t wear one now.  “Practice lang yan”, as she always say.  But I can’t live without my glasses.  I can’t see anything clear.  I can’t recognize people and I can’t read things.  I can only see shadows and colors.  But I’m planning to have my eyes lasered so it will be at 20-20 again.  The procedure is expensive.  It will cost me about P50,000 or more for both eyes.  But I’m not in a hurry.  I will save up for this.  Besides, my glasses are doing just fine.  Sponsors are welcome though.

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