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I went to a Smart Communications Business Center yesterday and inquire about our existing plan.  It turns out that I don’t need to wait until April 2009 to avail of a new handy phone.  The customer rep said that I can get a new one by Oct. 25, next month!  I asked for their product list and I saw that with our existing plan, we can get a N82 for free.  If I will get N95, I have to add P6,700.00.  But it is free for the next higher plan.  Maybe we will just upgrade or wait for their product list next month for there might be some changes.  I hope they will offer iPhone.  Sana! 

What I like about Smart post paid is that you don’t have to wait for 24 months to avail of a new unit.  You can get one after 18 months of subscription.  Unlike with Globe, you have to wait for 24 months!  And the new unit (Nokia 9500) we ordered last 2007 took about 3 months before we received it.  It was a disaster.  We have to follow up every week to make sure our request was really processed.

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I am really happy that I got a BLOG AWARD from ARNIE.  She is a follower of my MY DURIAN CITY blog.  Thanks Arnie.  I really appreciate it.  It’ nice to know someone is really reading my simple blog.

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I was really pissed off yesterday because my husband bought a siberian husky puppy for f***ing P12,000.00 without consulting me!  I mean, here I am trying to save money for our kids’ future and here he is trying to spend it anyway he wants!  This is a huge purchase that will affect our budget and I kept reminding him there are still more important payments that has to be made.  But he told me this is an investment since he will sell the puppies of his dog when the time comes.  He really should.  Because if ever we get into financial trouble, I will dispose his puppy! 

By the way, we named the dog CANDEE (pronounced like Candy).  His brother also has a siberian husky named ICE.  ICE and CANDEE.  ICE CANDEE.  Perfect combination. 

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I really don’t know what’s happening with me lately.  I easily get annoyed and sometimes cry about small things.  Is this post partum depression?  I don’t think so.  My daughter is already one year old.  I also complain about everything.  I am always taking care of other people’s need but nobody gives a sh*t of what I want and what I need.  Nobody is taking care of me!!!  I think I need a psychiatrist before it’s too late.  Just kidding.  Maybe this will pass.  Maybe I just need some time to reflect about things.  HELP.

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It seems that there is a wrong information circulating about my current job.  I am not working at any BDO branch in Cagayan de Oro City.  That is so NOT true.

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I really wanted to have a new cellphone.  I want something that has a higher megapixel compared to the 2 MP of the N90 I am currently using and have an HSDPA feature or 3.5G.  I am thinking of N95 or N82.  They both have 5 MP camera and HSDPA. But I think I have to wait til December because I might get a free phone from Globe Telecom.  I can also choose a new cellphone from Smart next April.  I want an iPhone but I think it can wait.  My N90 is kinda pissing me off lately because I will have to turn off the phone from time to time to send a message.  It gets lowbat easily even if I only used it for texting.  But wait, I think there is a new release from Nokia, N96.  Whatever!  Basta by December, I will call up Globe and inquire what phones I can avail.

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The first time I heard about Harry Potter was when I was in third year college.  My philosophy teacher mentioned that there is a very famous children’s book that is also read by adults.  When he said it was HARRY POTTER, our faces went blank.  No one in our class have any idea who harry potter is!  “Hello?  Taga saang planeta ba kayo?  Hindi niyo kilala si Harry Potter?”, our teacher remarked.  After that, I tried to search the internet and found out that it was indeed a very sensational book.  I started collecting all the Harry Potter books and loved every page of it.  But I only buy the paperback edition since it is cheaper.  The last book, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, has no paperback issue yet so that is the only book I haven’t read.  Everytime I go to National Bookstore, I always asked if there is already a paperback issue of that particular book.  I’ve been waiting for it for how many months now.  I hope the paperback edition is out in the market before the year ends.

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