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I was supposed to meet my childhood friend Joy tonight.  When I told my hubby about it, he asked a lot of nonsense questions.  Hello??!!! It’s been years since the last time I went out with friends.  I was really upset and hurt.  He makes me feel like I don’t have the right to enjoy my life with friends anymore because I am already married and with kids.  He makes me feel guilty that I should be spending every minute of my life with my kids instead of going out.



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I was really pissed off yesterday because my husband bought a siberian husky puppy for f***ing P12,000.00 without consulting me!  I mean, here I am trying to save money for our kids’ future and here he is trying to spend it anyway he wants!  This is a huge purchase that will affect our budget and I kept reminding him there are still more important payments that has to be made.  But he told me this is an investment since he will sell the puppies of his dog when the time comes.  He really should.  Because if ever we get into financial trouble, I will dispose his puppy! 

By the way, we named the dog CANDEE (pronounced like Candy).  His brother also has a siberian husky named ICE.  ICE and CANDEE.  ICE CANDEE.  Perfect combination. 

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My hubby and I had a fight about a diaper gone bad.  As you can see, my son Ythan is so malikot and likes to transfer seat inside the car.  He made “poo poo” in his diaper.  I didn’t bring extra so we have to wait til we get home to change.  The next thing we knew, his “poop” was all over the car.  My hubby blamed me for not putting the diaper properly on my son that is why the “poop” scattered.  I told him that the diaper was in place but since our son is so malikot, the poop pop out!  He then tells me how a bad mother I was.  I was so tired and suffering a headache and I was not able to control myself.  I cried and blurted out ” PANGITA NA LANG OG LAING ASAWA.  KANANG TARONG NA MAMA PARA SA IMONG ANAK!!!  TANAN NA LANG AKONG BUHATON MALI!!!”.  (FInd yourself another wife.  A wife that will be a good mother to your children.  Everything I do is wrong for you.)

But we’re okay now.  The fight is history.  It was just another dramatic episode in my life.  I could win a BEST ACTRESS AWARD for that scene. 😀

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This is not about the US tv series.  This is about my brothers and sisters. 

When my father died, as the eldest child, I know that the responsibility of taking care of our family was on me.  I was focused.  I study and work at the same time.  And because of this, I was hardly at home.  I wake up early to go to work and went home late because my classes ends at 9pm.  Then on Saturdays, I keep up with my social life.  So the whole Sunday would be spent sleeping because of late night outs, or I will be at the mall with my boyfriend.  There was really no time to bond with my siblings.  And when I am at home at some time, I always nag or complain.  Then one time, my younger brother butchoy left his diary.  I know I should not read it but I was tempted and read some pages.  One entry was written like this:  ” my ate shout at me again.  I’m hurt.  I don’t want her to shout at me”.  (Sorry choy for reading your diary.  But I’m glad I did because I realized what a stupid ate I was.)  After reading it, I cried.  I never meant to hurt his feelings or anybody elses.  I just want them to lead a good life and be responsible.

Now that I don’t live with them anymore, I miss their presence.  We only communicate thru text and sometimes I call them using sun (because it’s unlimited).  And when I’m in Davao, I only drop by at their house but never had the chance to talk to them because they are already working.  It pains me that they are going thru a difficult situation now.  They are trying to survive.  It was supposed to be my responsibility to take care of them but I got married early.  I still help them in anyway I can.  They know I’m just a text away.  And eventhough I have my own family now, they are still one of my priorities.  And as I was writing this post, I can’t control my tears.  I really get emotional when it comes to my siblings. 

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