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I hate frying!  You know why?  I can’t do it right.  Just look at the longganisa and chorizo on the picture.  They look so horrible.  But in fairness, they taste okay.  That is why I never volunteer when frying is concerned because I can’t take the food out of the pan at the right time.  I still need practice.  A lot of practice.

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We went to Ozamis City last July 15 for the feast of Birhen sa Cotta (July 16).  We gave our prayers and thanks for a very wonderful year.  I also asked for my family’s protection, good health, and peace of mind.

The photo shown above was taken beside the Ozamis City Port where the Birhen sa Cotta was situated.  We stayed at Royal Garden Hotel for 2 days.

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Have you tried takoyaki?  I tasted my first takoyaki when I was still in high school.  A kiosk inside Victoria Plaza food court was the first one to offer this kind of food in Davao City (correct me if I’m wrong).  As I remember, Php 17.00 for 3 pieces yung price niya.  Pero sulit talaga siya kase malalaki naman yung servings.  Nakaka-aliw nga panoorin yung nagluluto kase ang bilis bilis ng kamay sa pag twist and turn ng balls.  Then after a year, napansin ko may ibang stores na ng takoyaki sa Davao.  I tried some of them pero parang iba na ang lasa.  Medyo maliit na rin yung servings.  I don’t know kung andun pa rin sa Victoria Plaza Food Court yung original takoyaki store.  Sana andun pa, para pag nasa Davao ako, I will surely buy some.  I miss takoyaki!!!

Takoyaki are known as octopus balls.  Tako means octopus in Japanese.

(Photos are from wikipedia.org)

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I’m back again. From Camiguin Island. Our trip was not really planned. It was spontaneous. My hubby just wanted to test drive his car for a long travel and we ended up in another island!

We stayed at Bahay Bakasyunan the first night because Paras was fully booked. Our two sons had the time of their life. They enjoined enjoyed swimming. The following day, before leaving bahay bakasyunan, we called Paras to check if they already have available rooms. Lucky enough, their Family Suite is available after 12 noon.

We spent most of our 2nd day visiting various places for picture taking. We visited ardent hot spring, Katibawasan falls, the Walkway (we didn’t finish the 15 stations. Hanggang 8th station lang kami), the sunken cemetery, and the old church. Then we had lunch at Sto. Niño Cold Spring. After their, we visited soda swimming pool. Our children was so tired traveling already so we checked in at Paras Beach Resort mid afternoon. Then we decided to visit their famous white island!

For our final trip, we dropped by at J & A Fishpen before proceeding to Benoni Port.

That was our first trip to Camiguin and I felt like I knew the place already. You will never feel lost even if it’s your first time because the people are very friendly. You can ask directions from anybody on the street. I will definitely be back exploring the island once again. I will try para-sailing and scuba diving!

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Whenever I go to a grocery store, I never fail to buy this junk food. Hindi kase siya tipid sa cheese unlike ng ibang cheese chips sa market. The chips are generously coated. Kaagaw ko pa nga ang dalawang anak ko sa pagkain nito. But I’m not saying that you should encourage your kids to eat junk food. It’s up to you kung ano yung ipapakain niyo sa kanila. I just want to share this tasty product.

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When I say shabu-shabu, i’m not referring to the illegal drug. What I’m talking about is THE FOOD. We prepared our own shabu2x version for our new year’s day dinner.


* pork cubes / beef cubes
* dried mushroom (soaked in water and properly washed)(remove the trunk portion)
* black fungus / bokni (soaked in water and properly washed)
* whole button mushrooms in can
* squid ball (you can also use fish ball)
* bacon
* whole corn in can
* asparagus cuts in can
(There are other stuffs you can include. You can experiment. Just be sure that it is edible.)


You just have to boil everything and add the pork and beef cubes according to your own taste. Just add water if the soup gets too salty.

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