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I was supposed to meet my childhood friend Joy tonight.  When I told my hubby about it, he asked a lot of nonsense questions.  Hello??!!! It’s been years since the last time I went out with friends.  I was really upset and hurt.  He makes me feel like I don’t have the right to enjoy my life with friends anymore because I am already married and with kids.  He makes me feel guilty that I should be spending every minute of my life with my kids instead of going out.



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Do you ever wonder what it would be like to grow old alone?  Your partner is no longer with you and your children live their lives with their respective families.  If given a chance, would you live with one of your children or live in a nursing home?

Sometimes, we tend to forget the feelings and importance of our elders because of our busy lives.  Some would even see them as a burden.  Have you seen an old man cry?  I just did and it broke my heart.  They may be old and needy but they still need some affection.  They want to feel that they are still important in our lives.  If your parents and grandparents are living with you, show to them that they are loved and their presence is very much appreciated.  Talk to them even just for a couple of minutes in a day.  Hear their stories.  When you grow old, you also want your children and grandchildren to do the same.

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I had a very weird dream last night.  Do you know JON AVILA?  He was a housemate at PBB Celebrity Edition 2. My dream goes something like this: 

We were in a beach resort and I met JON AVILA there.  He was with Mariel Rodriguez and some friends while I was with my hubby and kids.  We were introduced to each other and we talked.  Mariel was wearing a two piece bathing suit and looks sizzling hot while I am only wearing a big shirt to cover up my love bags and stretch marks.  Jon and I had a very long talked.  To make the long story short, JON was attracted to me and Mariel was really pissed.  I told him that I am already married.  He looked disappointed but he still wants to keep in touch with me!

Wala lang.  I was just sharing my dream.  I know it doesn’t mean anything.  But it makes me smile everytime I think about it.  Imagine, Jon chose the plus size me over the super sexy Mariel.  That’s really something.

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Who is the last person that sleeps in your house?  In our house, it’s me.  I really have this problem with sleeping.  Even if I am really really tired, I would still be the last person to sleep.  I want to make sure every thing is in place before I go to bed.  And the only time I can go about it is when everyone in the house is already asleep.  I don’t want any distractions when I’m doing something that’s why I’m doing it late at night.  But thank God I don’t have huge eyebags.

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Here’s another quiz I took at blogthings and here’s the result.

You Are Bold When it Counts

You don’t make a big fuss about getting what you want… unless it’s really important to you.

Then you’re as bold as you want to be. You just go for it!

You’re often up for a little excitement and adventure. Well, as long as the cost isn’t too great.

You enjoy risk, but not for it’s own sake. Let’s just say you’ve learned a few lessons about risk in your life.

It’s a bull’s eye.  Hit me right on the spot.

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I took this test at blogthings with the title “What do guys like about you?” and here’s the result.

Guys Like That You’re Fun

You’re the type of girl guys brag about knowing

That’s because you’re cool, funny, and laid back

You’re smart enough to know how to be one of the guys

But flirty enough to know how to make them all want you

Am I really cool, funny and laid back? I don’t know. Better ask my male friends.

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I have this problem of trusting people immediately.  Kumbaga, once I meet someone and tells me he/she do this and that, I will automatically believe it.  I mean, what’s the reason for lying?  But then, I will only end up getting hurt and betrayed in the end because of trusting this kind of people.  Minsan naman, there are people who are plastic.  They are nice to talk to but you will find out later on that they are ruining your reputation.   Just remember, lowering other people’s reputation will not raise yours.  I’m not a saint and sometimes I’m tempted to do such a thing.  But I will rather be silent than say something bad about a person.  I don’t want to judge other people because of some things they are doing and have done in the past.  They have their own reason for doing it.  Just like everybody else.

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