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Last Thursday, I was dumbfounded by the news that my 2 year old son Ythan, who is in Davao, was hospitalized.  There were just visiting his pedia for a check up because of fever.  The next thing they know, my son no longer respond and was acting weak.  Fortunately, his pedia’s clinic is located inside the hospital so my father in law immediately carried my son and ran to the emergency room when Ythan suffered convulsion.  My son was also given oxygen because he turned pale blue.  Upon hearing the news, I just cried.  I was so helpless because I was not there to take care of him.  It was really heartbreaking.  But he is okay now.  He was discharged from the hospital a day after his admission.


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It’s our daughter Ysa’s first birthday today but we celebrated it yesterday at our house.  We invited some close relatives and my mother and siblings.  It was the first time that my children spent time with my brothers and sisters.  I was so happy seeing them play together.  I was also able to chat with them and ask what was happening with their lives now.

Since we celebrated Ysa’s birthday yesterday, we just went to Shrine in the afternoon to light some candles and ordered take out from AHFAT SEAFOODS PLAZA.

It is also Nikki’s (daughter of my good friend Michelle Lopez) 1st birthday today.  Michelle and I gave birth the same day.  We have the same doctor and pedia.  We went to the same school from prep (we were classmates til high school) to college (we took the same course).  Our siblings also are friends.  I hope our daughters will also be good friends in the near future.

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It’s been 6 days that I have no yaya for my son Ythan. He’s quite handful but I was still able to handle him. I just have to wake up earlier so that I can do some personal stuffs and some work. By the time he wakes up, I am already busy with following him around. Sometimes I just let him watch tv or ask someone to watch over him for a while if I was to do something really important. We eat and bathe together. I made a small playground made of 9 pieces of rubber mats inside our bedroom so he doesn’t have to lie on the floor. When he’s already asleep, I will then wash and sterilize his feeding bottles. My concern now is finding tv free activities that will interests him. I tried to read some books but he is not yet interested. He only wants to look at pictures.

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I went to teptep’s school program this afternoon because it is their BUWAN NG WIKA.  He wore a camisa de china and black pants with a red scarf.  He looked like a grown man.  Actually, I was supposed to leave town today because of work but I decided not.  This program is just once in a lifetime.  I also want to show to my children that they matter to me and that I support them in every activity they have.  Last week, we got our son’s report card.  I was impressed because he had good grades.  I don’t expect him to be a genius.  All I want for him is to learn how to count, write, and read.  Because from those basic skills, the rest will be easier.

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It’s my son’s 6th birthday today and I had a chance to have a chat with Venice.  We used to go out a lot before I was married.  We had Sabado nights together with our then BF (now husbands).  We go bar hopping and talk about boys back then.  But now, we talked about kids and managing the household since we’re both married and mothers.  We talked about our labor experiences and the joys and pains of having children.  It’s really nice to talk to old friends.  I was not able to have a long chat with one for a very long time.  I miss my friends.

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Ythan’s yaya will be leaving us in the next few days and we decided not to get a new one.  My hubby thinks that it’s time for me to take care of my son and it is one way of cutting expenses since we’re not going to pay someone anymore.  Can I handle it?  I’m not sure.  My son is so malikot already and likes to play around the house and outside the house.  But I think this will also help me lose weight.  Or maybe gain more weight!  My son only settles when he eats.  So I have to stock up with lots and lots of food and fruits so he will behave everytime I will do something else.  I tried babysitting for my son before for just one day and I can barely handle it!

Moreover,  I would be spending less “ME” time na.  Goodbye manicures and pedicures.  Good bye facial.  Good bye hot oil.  I can only blog when Ythan is asleep and at night.  Sacrifice, sacrifice.  I was never cut out for domestic chores but I will try to do it.  But if ever I want to get a new yaya, I am lucky enough that I have 2 on the waiting list.  I just hope they are still available by the time I need them.

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I always wanted to have a playroom inside our house for the kids even just a small one.  The problem is, we don’t have any extra room to put the toys needed.  I really believe that thru playing the kids will develop skills and values that are not learned in books.  Like the value of sharing, waiting for one’s turn, coordination, following orders and a lot more.

My eldest son has a lot of toys but it was only stocked in  the “bodega” because it took up a lot of space in our room.  When will this dream materialize?

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